Arabic Hand Mehendi Designs 2012


Tattoos got great importance among women and girls; they want to get tattoos on their hands, neck, shoulder and back. Asian girls prefer henna for tattoo making, but western girls have different sort of inks to adopt a tattoo. These tattoos may be permanent or temporary, but henna tattoos are always temporary we can say that henna is the temporary way of getting tattoo.

Henna tattoos are commonly known as mehndi designs among Asian girls. Indian and Pakistani girls always wonder to get latest fashion about mehndi designs. Arabic mehndi designs are much different then Indian and Pakistani mehndi designs, they are considered as the multifaceted henna designs. Arabic brides also use different sort of henna tattoos on their arms because their wedding dress completely match with western bridal dresses.

Mostly Arabic brides bare their upper half; they choose those types of bridal dresses which fully bare their upper half. So that’s why they focus on getting bridal hand mehndi designs on their sleeves and shoulders. Here are also some neck mehndi designs, they resemble with necklace.

Arabic hand mehndi designs are much complex than Indian and Pakistani mehndi designs. They are too much time consuming and you cannot adopt these designs of your own but you have to visit beauty salon to get some latest designs which an expert will help you to get it all.

We see that all the mehndi designs are the combination of just little bit same leaf and rays. Here are small flowers in every henna tattoo which combine to give you a beautiful tattoo. Girls also draw a large box filled flower surrounded with small sunflowers and after it they try to join all these flowers one by one with dotted lines. These mehndi designs are heartily adoptable for girls but mostly brides like to wear these henna tattoos.


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